Saturday, 5 February 2011

Votes for Convicts? I don't believe it!

I take my hat off to Jack Straw and David Davis - they are doing what the government ought to do - standing up for our sovereingty.

It is the sovereign right of the British to decide who shall represent us in Parliament, and who shall have the right to vote for what should be our wholly sovereign parliament.

Messrs Straw and Davis rightly wan to block prisoners, people who have gone beyond the law, from having the right to vote. The EU has dictated that prisoners should have that right - and the Coalition Government is rolling over for them. Cameron pledged he would not surrender any more sovereignty; here another slice will go unless Straw and Davis succeed in getting the support of parliament. Parliament can assert our sovereignty, even if Cameron and Clegg are too weak to stand up against the EU.

I applaud Straw and Davis - but it is only an element of what is necessary: there are those of us who would reclaim all our sovereignty.

Mike Scott-Hayward

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